About Us

Hi I am Nancie! I am a country girl living the dream! I am semi-retired; I had an antique store for 15 years and in 2021 moved it home. Now I am living life @ the ranch playing the animals, spending more time with hubby, working on my on-line stores, selling at antique shows, and getting ready to do barn sales at home!

I am amateur photographer, live eagle camera junkie, lover of animals, crafter, camping, everything rustic and primitive! Hubby and I live on 40 acres with 4 horses, 8 cows, a pug, boston terrier, and a few border collies, and several feral cats that I have adopted.

I got into digital art back in 2005, about the same time I started my antique business (which is when my corporate job was eliminated). During the years I dabbled with printables and clipart, but they were put on the back burner to my antique business.

In 2021 I moved the antique business home and started building my digital stores. I am loving the creativity and spending time with my boys Ziggy and Winston - pug and boston terrier. :)

SCC Digital Designs is a small business wanting to help other small business owner's and moms with affordable and adorable clipart collections, svg files, and printables.

As a small business owner looking for printables to organize my business, I found it hard to find what would work with my business, and I figured that if I am having trouble others are also. 

My focus is on the fun, colorful and unique!

If you have a moment, please check out my other stores -

https://etsy.com/shop/scrappyprintables and


Thank you for your support of my small business and if you have any questions, please let me know!


Have an awesome day!