Inspirational Printable On-Line Store Owner Planner - Brand Vision, Monthly Goals, Store Policies, Email Mktg Planner, Social Media & More

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If you’re a small business owner who is struggling with staying organized or need help to prioritize your business in an organized efficient way. Our Etsy Store Planner will help you stay on point with what is really important to grow your small business. 

Our Small Business Owner Planner is designed to:

- Manage your store and define your brand

- Create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules, strategies, and goals

- Track income goals and actual, and expenses goals and actual

- Design a marketing plan and social media schedule that works for you

- Keep track of orders and shipping

As small business owners, we all know that we have a lot to keep up with on a daily basis. Our planner is designed to help keep you organized in all aspects of business. Now is the time to get organized in a way that works for you! 

Our planners are undated so you can start right now, and use year after year. And, you only need to print the pages you need for your business.  

Our small business planner is designed and detailed enough to hit all of the key elements of running a successful business while also being basic enough that all small business owners. Get ready to master your schedule, manage your time, and keep track of every aspect of your business with the turn of a page.

This planner prints 2 pages to an 8 1/2 x 11" Letter Size Paper

Our Printable Planners are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! You may print as many copies you need, and print only the pages you need!

OR, Print and bind at office depot, or print at home and have office depot bind for you. Their binding is super cheap!

Planner included a total of 51 pages, and comes to you in a downloadable pdf file. NOTHING will be mailed. 

- Cover page

- Inspiration page

- Monthly calendar - 2 pages each month - undated w/notes section

- My Monthly Goals

- My Store Brand

- My Store Policies

- Inventory Tracker

- Supplies Tracker

- Product Key Words

- Product Key Tags

- Coupons and Promotions

- Income at a Glance

- Order Tracker

- Expenses & Fees Tracker

- Monthly Stats

- Sales Tax Tracker

- Shipping Log

- New Product Planner

- Advertising Tracker

- Email Marking Planner

- Social Media Tracker

- Revenue Goals & Actual

- Order Tracker

- Returns Tracker

- To Do List

- Vision Board

- Notes


Please note: Colors of your printed item may vary depending upon your monitor calibration, printer settings and quality of card stock used. Recommended use of cardstock between 100 -130 lb cover.






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